Friday, March 6, 2009

Still Mooing


Last night, I'm waiting. I'm in the first section to get phased, so my mentality is to get in and get out. About three hours into my shift, I can feel that restaurant is within a half an hour or so of clearing out. At this point, I'm doing everything I can to keep my tables moving.
I approach my next table. I greet them, and things are off and rolling smoothly. I grab a quick drink order and run off. Upon returning with their drink order, I drop the drinks and then I begin to take their food order.
I take one guy's order, move on to the little girl, and then I come to the lady. Here is where we come to a little hick-up. I'm a little cautious, but not entirely concerned as we continue:
Me: "...and what can I get for you ma'am?"
Her: "I'll have the top sirloin."
She starts to pick her conversation with her friend.
Me: "How would you like that prepared?"
Her: (realizing she isn't finished ordering yet) "Oh, um...."
(Her party and I wait with bated breath)
Her: "I'll.... I think, I'll have it rare."
Me: "Are you sure? Our rare is RARE."
Her husband: (interjecting and addressing her)"Medium rare..."
Her: No, I like it rare.
Me: "Our rare still has blood, is that ok?"
Her: "Yeah, I like it bloody. That's fine, thanks."
A little weary, but not completely concerned, I finish the rest of the table's order. The steak lady wasn't all prissy and high maintenance looking. The lady looked like a seasoned meat eater, so I trusted that she knew what she was doing.
I continue with my let's-get-the-hell-out-of-here waiting frenzy. I swing by the expo window about 20 minutes later and that table's food is up. I run it out, drop it off, everyone looks happy and I move on to my side work. After a few minutes of side work, I return to the floor to check on my tables.
Me: "How is every one's dinner?"
The table: "Good." "Fine" "Mmmm..."
The steak lady and I make eye contact. I can tell she has something to say.
Me: "Ma'am how is the steak?"
Her: "It's pretty rare..."
(Really?! Didn't we just have a full four minute exchange about this?)
Me: "You asked for a rare sirloin..."
Her: (giving a half hearted surrender) "Yeah... can you guys throw it back on the grill for a moment?"
(Seeing as she had already picked it completely apart and touched all of it... we have a few sanitation rules you know?)
Me: "I'm afraid we can't do that ma'am... I'll talk to the kitchen."
Her: "Well... it's not just rare, it's kind of grainy too."
I kind of scoffed to myself and decided to move on. After all, I was almost done. My manager, the sous-chef, and I all had a quick chat about the incident, and recapped the situation. We got the lady another steak, and I... THANK GOD... went home. Haha.


  1. We microwave it for bitches like that. :)

  2. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.