Monday, November 9, 2009

Policing my friends at the restaurant

Dining out etiquette

Restaurant etiquetteThis is another item that has been on my mind to blog about. It's a topic I wish I could teach a class on. It's restaurant etiquette. What I am getting at, is now, when I am out with my friends and/or family... I kind of police the table.

My friends and family aren't animals, nor are they tourist morons. It's really nothing like that... they are actually in the rare upper 3% of polite restaurant diners. They say please and thank you, they don't snap their fingers to get the servers attention, they aren't those people who ask the host if they can change seats, they don't stagger their drink orders and run the waiter, etc.

I do, however, look for things that would bother me if I were their waiter. If I feel like they are going to ask a stupid question or zone out while the server is talking, I jump in. I find myself watching who ordered what, so when the server or food runner comes out with the food, I can help direct if people can't remember what they ordered. Why is it... by the way, people can remember what they ordered when the food comes out?

Rereading what I have just wrote, I realize it looks like I have control issues. I really don't... I just feel like it's my duty to help the waiter avoid any unnecessary headaches. For example, we were the big top just recently, and made sure all the extra drinks were accounted for (by the people who ordered them) when the waiter was asked to split the check. Yes, I said big top, I said split the check. I feel guilty.

Do you all do the same thing? When you are the customer, do you just relax and get waited on? Or are the 2nd waiter at the table like I am?


  1. As a former waitress [busboy, salad maker, dishwasher] I do this all the time! I don't have control issues but woe is a family member that doesn't look AT the server, say please, thank you and speak up. I don't do this with friends, but I wouldn't repeat a trip out if I dined with a friend that was rude to a server.

    I am especially cognizant of the way my family tips. And now my family understands [after watching my sister and me doing our job] how important that 20% tip is.

    I wish I could train my MIL in regards to the tip. God love her and so do I - but I cannot get her to understand this fact. I always offer to leave the tip or go back and leave more when I eat out with her.

  2. I do this ALL the time too! I too feel like it's sort of my duty to help a fellow server out.

    And boy do I make sure everyone I know leaves a fair tip of at least 20%.

  3. i do the same thing all the time! i even stack all the plates when people have finished eating to make it easier for them to clear the tables :)