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I was reading this other blog and stumbled across this post. Haha, it's great. It's one of those things I understood immediately. Very similar to my post You love your kids very much... WE DON'T!

No Kids Please

I love to play with cute chubby kids, but when it comes to the restaurant environment I can’t stand them. 2-5 year olds can truly be messy and without any parental control it can be a disaster. I have encountered numerous of families and have come to the conclusion that few ever share any restaurant etiquette. Giving into your child’s demands just isn’t right. The more kids there are the more trouble it becomes. The louder they are it’s a good chance the messier they are. I just wish some of these parents could get a better hold of their kids.
Perhaps the messiest table I have ever served was a family of five. The table was filled with plates, torn napkins, a pile of broken disposable chopsticks, a dozen or so straws all stuck together and mounds of wasted food and debris on the chairs and floor area. The area was covered with pizza sauce, pasta and sticks of French fries. If you thought that was bad, that was the least disgusting part of it.
All throughout the frustrating time of cleaning the area, a distinct odor was coming from the table. Loosely folded underneath the pile of napkins was a soiled diaper. Need I say more? Isn’t it common sense to bring the child to the washroom? For goodness sake, people eat on this table!
I quickly disposed the diaper tied the garbage bag and threw it at the back. I took our mighty sanitizer and sprayed the table and seats to ensure there were no traces of dirt or odor. I wish I had a chance to confront the parents. That kind of behavior just isn’t acceptable. When are parents going to act like parents?

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  1. I worked a brunch place with narrow aisles, jam packed with hungry diners, waiters rushing to and fro, and the ever present giant strollers. Brunch is fast...everyone comes in at once and wants everything right we're carrying huge trays, coffee pots, hot much as we can to minimize the number of trips we have to make. I lived in terror of the knee biters running around...I had nightmares imagining a pot of boiling coffee or hot soup being spilled and giving some toddler third degree burns and scarring him for the rest of his life! I never understood parents who would risk the safety of their children like this. I always told them a made up story of a child at a restaurant who was scalded...that USUALLY got them to smarten up...but sadly, not always.