Thursday, July 30, 2009

Red Lobster Blog

The Red Lobster Blog

Red Lobster Ok, so I stumbled across this great blog recently. It's called the Red Lobster blog. The author, much like myself blogs about all toils of the restaurant industry and stupid customer encounters as well.

I like the style of this author and will read the blog on a regular basis. Posts range from bathroom stall sex, to homeless people, to dumb customer encounters, and many more fun little restaurant moments. Make sure to check it out for yourself (click the title link)! Shout out to the Red Lobster Blog.


  1. Guest blogger invitation -- see here for details.

    Are you cranky? Do you hate the asshats you have the schlepp food to every day? Or maybe you usually don't mind it, but one day somebody just pissed you off. Maybe you prefer to keep your blog more civilized and don't want to casually throw around the swear words .... but sometimes you just want to write something hateful and vitriolic. Maybe you want more blog traffic. Or maybe you actually have a good story to share. You know, whatever. This cranky blogger wants to feature your stories.

  2. The restaurant is called EN PLO. It is on Portoy 20 Palia Poli, Mincipality of Chania, on the Isle of Crete.
    Beware of one the waiter who calls himself Nikos. He will tell you that he is part owner of the resaturant and that he is divorced and has one child. He is not divorced and does NOT own the restaurant. He F---S around with any customer he can.
    The "manager" of the restaurant is also named Nikos. If I were managing the restaurant I would not have someon like Nikos the waiter working there. He may f--k the wrong gal one day and it may seriously come back at him.
    You never know, someone may even contact the owner of the restaurant and complain. If the manager - Nikos, was smart he would get rid of Nikos the waiter with whom he worked in London with for two years. That's my advice and warning to any unsuspecting gal who wanders by. It's in the old town, the Venetian quarter, behind the harbour, two guys play string instuments all night.

  3. hey there. want to exchange links? I changed blog names so anyone who had already lined me has lost the connection. I am at


  4. The Red Lobster Blog is awesome, but he posts so infrequently I miss it. And 1/10 posts regard the same specials RL runs every season - I understand the bitchin' and applaud him hanging in there for so long, but ... meh'

  5. I have a blog you might like as well. It's about annoying customers in the bartending industry. Take a look and let me know what you think!

  6. I can't patronize a business that allows its Directors to Black ball Management that they do not like. These managers have families they have to support. Shame on you Mark.