Friday, July 24, 2009

Restaurant Sidework

Ahhhh, Side work

Good old side work, you've got to love it. If you don't work in the restaurant business, then you might find yourself unfamiliar with the term side work. Side work is simply a series of restocking, cleaning, preparing, straightening, and related tasks to having the restaurant ready for the next rush.

Side work often consists of wiping down condiments, and refilling them (or Marrying them). Restocking plates, silverware, napkins, to go boxes, condiments, and the like. Maybe it's making a new batch of coffee or brewing some ice tea for the next round. Side work is also a lot of cleaning. When you work with food and liquids, there is often a lot to clean up after. Side work is a necessity at the beginning of a shift, before the shift change, and when closing down the restaurant.

For servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff a like, side work is often all that stands between them and punching the clock. It is one of those little things that is often annoying, but needed. Ah side work... you've got to love it!


  1. Great minds think alike (although you were there first!)

    I posted on this very subject this morning without seeing this. There must be some sidework dust in the air.


    "So You Want To Be A Waiter"

  2. Huh, I always called that prep work. Or cleanup. I see the term in a lot of blogs but it's never been explained--for some reason I thought it was different than the crap I do. Thanks for enlightening me. >_>

  3. @teleburst:

    Nice! Ha ha, I'll check out that post!


    It's all the same pretty much!